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About OWW

ONE WOMAN WARRIOR Is About Discovery


The relationship between leather, textile, hardware, and software.
The beauty of adding color and more color to your life.
The unlimited possibilities of shapes and volume to help you function in life.
What owning a one-of-a-kind accessory can do for your soul.


I am sharing the soul of a handcrafted handbag or tote with you. I want to continue the tradition of crafting beautiful, functional, and humorous vessels for your personal and everyday possessions.

Who is Allison?

"Fashion is cheap, but the accessories will kill you." Oscar Wilde

I am a designer at heart. I see a beautiful piece of leather, embroidered ribbon, mismatched buttons, and a great fabric and envision wondrous results in combining them. I am fascinated with taking a straight plane of fabric, leather, or paper and giving it shape, volume, and function. I get a bit lost in the details at times — but then, upon second glance, the piece begins to take on a life of its own, and I am just there to guide it. When finished, I am surprised and pleased as any artist with the results of the finished product.

I won a Silver Thimble while attending Parson School of Design (BFA) and have studied accessory design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I have designed footwear, children's accessories, been featured in "Making Stylish Belts" (2007 Quarry Books), and was head costume designer on an independent film, "Prescott Place" with Director Peilin Kho.

I have also worked in retail for years. All of the above have given me an excellent education in fashion, everyday life, and being a human being.


Bite Me Tote

Here's What I Believe:

  • I believe in nurturing one's character — not erasing it.
  • I believe in personal style — being true to what I like and allowing for change to happen whenever the mood takes me. I like how an unexpected or quirky accessory can change your whole outfit.
  • I believe in color — the single most influential yet subtle reason why I choose anything. Color can change your entire being.
  • I believe in using one's talents to make a difference — in wardrobes, in environments, in relationships.
  • I believe in being slightly mysterious in direct opposition to today's mantra of transparency — my handbags have interior details only the owner will see.
  • I believe in being fit. It keeps me balanced physically, psychologically, and emotionally. Feeling good shows up on your face. It's amazing how a smile can change a stranger's day in a moment.
  • I believe in gender-neutral humanity and being a human being.

But most of all, I believe you will find something here that will appeal to you, stimulate your senses, nourish your spirit, and bring you joy.

Let's get started, shall we?

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